To eat healthy or eat well, that is the question. If I wait a few months what’s healthy and good for the body will change. One day I read eat more tuna, it’s high in omega-3 and it’ good for the body. A few days later I read, watch your tuna intake, it’s high in mercury. The following month doctors are talking about how good whole wheat and whole grain are for us. Then someone comes out with a book detailing how much damage wheat can wreck on the body, slowing killing anyone who consumes the luscious breads, cakes and cookies.


What’s a person to do? I’m sticking with chocolate. I’ll never read anything that says chocolate is not good for me. That news would be devastating.

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I haven’t figured out if food is my friend or my foe. All the things I love, love my hips. Those things that are good for me (vegetables) don’t get along with my taste buds. It’s a constant battle which I’m losing.


How are you making out? Food – friend or foe?


  1. Wow! Being a foodie myself, I’m finding that there are pitfalls with all types of food. I think the only thing that seems to escape the pitfall are veggies. I love veggies but I need the protein and I don’t mean nuts. I want the real stuff, chicken, fish, sometimes fried, hmmm good but baked most of the time. Of course, being who I am I will continue to eat the things I love. However, I’m trying in 2013 to select healthier choices…sometimes.

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