I belong to several writing groups, so I’ve heard many published authors talk about the editing process. Not the one they manage themselves, where they’re making the finishing touches to a manuscript.   I’m talking about the one where the suggestions and the deadlines are set by the publisher.


As late September neared my anxiety creep higher each day as I waited for my edits.  Every day I checked my e-mail waiting on the dreaded edits that would shut down my social calendar and glue my butt to the chair for sure.  I checked my mail account every hour without fail. I even check it first thing in the morning before I washed my faced and just before I turned the lights out for bed. I even sent the editor a note, just to make sure I hadn’t missed the edit note from her.

When the note finally showed up in my mail, instead of going bonkers, I was happy. The book was become more of a reality. I settled in my office and review her suggestions page by page. I was so hyped by the process that I managed to finish my content edits in less time than she had given me. The line edits weren’t as clear-cut. The line editor wanted me to added more definition to certain parts of the story.


Next up will be the proofing edits and then the book will be ‘final’. Silly me, I thought all I had to do was write the book.  By the time November 17th rolls around you might see me dancing in the middle of Times Square with joy. Please just don’t put it on u-Tube.

Have you ever look upon something with both dread and delight?


  1. “No is a word on your path to Yes. Don’t give up too soon. Not even if well-meaning parents, relatives, friends, and colleagues tell you to get a real job. Your dreams are your real job”
    — Joyce Spizer, Author

    Well done JK !!! You keep on!!!

  2. I can’t imagine the anxiety, but I bet it’s fueled by excitement more than fear. We are excited too!

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