Okay, I admit I’m one of those people that’s reads a story guaranteeing to help you lose weight or an exercise crazed that melts away 10 pounds in one day and I’m hooked.  I’ll park my butt in front of the television or flip to the designated page in the magazine to find the new and improved way to stay healthy with less time and pain.  


My exercise madness started after a lovely trip to Charleston, South   Carolina. During our visit I ate some of the most delicious foods on the plant.  You see, I love anything and everything cooked with grits.  I can eat grits and eggs for breakfast and then pig out on shrimp and grits for dinner.  While running on the tread mill the other day I watched Paula Dean make a grit soufflé that I must try.  But, I digress…


When I returned from Charleston, I stepped on the scale and five brand new fat pounds had followed me home.  I vowed to begin exercising every day, before that extra weight took up permanent residence on my thighs.  And I did. And it worked. In short order
those pounds were banished.

It’s true what they say. Doing something for 14 days becomes a habit.  Now I exercise everyday.  Even on vacation I pack my running shoes, workout clothes and find the fitness facility. But like everything else there is a downside.  Some mornings I ache from the pounding I take from my long runs.  I swear the glitch in my elbow is from the rowing machine and my calves are so developed my trouser socks are hard to pull up.  But still I’m always looking for that magical solution that will let me eat anything I want while still fitting into my clothes. So if you have that magic potion, please share t with me.  I’m always looking for new ideas.


I must confess, I have never exercised and said I wish I hadn’t done that.  But, my butt could have done without that New York Style Cheesecake; I gobbled up the other night.


How about you, do you have the miracle solutions?



  1. Excercise! It’s such a harsh word. I hate it but it beckons me to come. I know there are so many people who love it, why can’t I? Excercise is the good spirit whispering in my ear and ”don’t it” is the evil spirit in the other ear. Guess who I listen to?

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