Today there is a lot of talk about finding your passion.  It sounds easy enough.  I find lots of things.  The other day I found the pen I thought I had lost. I also found a pair of shoes in the back of my closet that I bought last year and never wore.  Then there was that five pounds that I found on vacation that’s still hanging around.

Finding things is really quite easy. It’s took me a bit of time to find my passion. Not because it changed but because I wasn’t sure what the term meant and the moment I selected one thing I had to exclude everything else. I thought finding my passion meant I could only like one thing, crave one thing or yearn for one thing. Now I know better.


My passion is my writing. I think about writing when I get up in the morning. I often write during my lunch break. I go to bed thinking about how I can improve the scene I’m working on. I write nearly every day of the week.  I’ve got writing book stacked all over my house and I’ve actually read most of them. I want more hours in the day so there is enough time for me to write.

Now I’m clear that having a passion doesn’t mean I can’t like other things. I like golfing, painting, reading, traveling and too many other activities to name here. But now I’m sure what my passion is and I’m not beating myself up because it took me a while to get here.

Have you found your passion yet?

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