It’s time to follow the leader, but only if that leader is you. Only you can direct your soul to true happiness.

Over the Easter holiday I had an urge to dye eggs.  Without a single person in my house under the age of ten, it seemed like a ridiculous pursuit. Memories of dunking eggs in brightly colored water and drawing crude or exotic designs on them would not leave me alone.  I even asked several people if they were dyeing eggs.  I intended to invite myself to their festivities.  No luck.  When the urge would not dissipate, I finally listened to my true leader.  Me.  I followed my heart and threw my own Egg-Dyeing Bash.  The only attendee:  Me. Not only was it fun, it was therapeutic.


I only dyed seven eggs.  This small gesture forced me to examine how many times I wanted to do something that would bring me joy and dropped the idea because it didn’t conform to some idea of the norm.  I think I’ve learned my lesson. Listen to my counsel, more often than not it will help me get where I want to be.  Is your inner leader whispering something in your ear?

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