Have you ever stopped long enough to consider the effect time has on you?  Whether it’s friend or foe?  Well I have.  I’ve probably wasted too much time thinking about it and I’ve come to one satisfying conclusion.  Time – no matter how it’s measured –  in years, months or minutes is never quite as long as we think.



As this year draws to a close I find myself trying to capture memories that happened in March or July or even September.  What significant event took place that I need to remember or treasure?  That family get together to celebrate Independence Day seems like it occurred only yesterday.  Just a month ago the leaves on the tree in my backyard were a fabulous shade of red and orange.  Within days they’ve fallen, turned brown, have been picked up and discarded.  Already we’re facing mid-December and we just rang in the New Year a few moments ago.


Even those unpleasant events that we would like to forget come and go much quicker than we’re willing to acknowledge.  My last visit to the dentist only lasted 30 minutes but my gut tried to convince me I was there for hours.  The other day as I rushed home from work and got caught by that awful traffic light that seems to stay red for years, actually only held me up for less than a minute.



No matter how I mark time, I’m seldom happy with the clock.  It’s either moving too fast or too slow.  How about you, is time your friend or foe?


  1. As I get older…and older, I’ve begin to think a lot about time. I don’t think it’s our friend because we waste so much of it. It’s like a mother who knows her child is acting up but don’t say anything until they are so deep in trouble that the only solution is punishment. I’ve wasted much time in my life. There are times I wish I could go back and revisit but I can’t. So, each day I try hard to maximize the time I have. Time is winding up and we won’t be able to get it back. My value of time has change. I just wish it happened when I younger.

    • jackikelly says:

      Renee, thanks for your comment. I also did not realize how precious time was until I got older. Maybe it’s a course that could be taught in grade school.

  2. Every time I look in the mirror, time no longer seems to be my friend. Where did all those wrinkles come from? What happened to my neck? Indeed, the passage of time is unstoppable. I’m trying to accept the fact that with time comes age, but also wisdom. I definitely can use some wisdom right about now! (Loved your comment about sitting in the dentist’s chair – so true!)

  3. Imivpssere brain power at work! Great answer!

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