Today I decided to write and submit a ‘Press Release’ for my book. I don’t think there are several newspapers that will be interested in my first book, but I have every intention of submitting it to every local newspaper, regardless. There are books by New York Times bestselling authors that don’t make the papers, but that’s not going to deter me. I’m going to give it a try anyway. I figure I’ve got very little to lose. For sure if I don’t submit the press release to any paper it wont’ appear in any papers.


I’ve never written a press release before. I’ve never had a need for one. But this could be the first in a long string of many (I’m thinking positive).  This is a big deal for me so I think it’s qualifies, don’t you?


After doing some research on the Internet, I found some sample formats and lots of dos and don’ts.  Very helpful stuff, otherwise I’d have no idea what I needed to include. 


I’ll probably say this a lot between now and November 17th, but I need to stop adding items to my list of things to do for the book release. There are only so many hours in a day and I only have two arms.


  1. Press Release, good idea!

  2. You make this sound like fun!

  3. Great idea
    Now that the press release is completed why not send a copy to:
    – your favorite teacher (s)
    – your hometown newspapaer
    – your alumni associations
    – your sorority and clubs you are or were previously involved with
    – your local library
    – owners of your favorite restaurants and clubs
    – your neighbors
    – and yes,Oprah too

    • jackikelly says:

      Taylo, this is a good idea. I was just thinking the loca paper. Thanks for the input. Do you think Oprah will invite me onto OWN?

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