The book I’d like to live in for a while was not an easy topic for me.

A good book is about how much an author can torture the characters. Really make them suffer. They have to go through quite a bit to reach that happy ending. Sometimes the places where they live aren’t La-La Land.

I’ve lived in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Texas and Delaware. Life in all of these places was good to me. I have wonderful memories of each. I’ve written stories that took place in most of these places and life was good for my characters by the end of the book. But getting there-not so much.

Welcome to Delaware


Welcome to Houston

Welcome to Washington




When it comes to a book, I’d want to move in during the Epilogue. By then the bad guys are behind bars, the sun has come out, the couple has kissed and made up and all is right with the world again.



Do you have a book you’d like to live in for a while?









I am a goal orientated person. Nothing gives me more pleasure than making a list of things that I need to get done and then checking them off.

This year I decided I wanted to get more organized. I wanted to keep track of what I ate, how many words I write, how many pages I edit, when my newsletter is due, when I workout and the list goes on and on.

I’ve purchased four planners and more pens in more colors than I care to count. I’ve got stickers and clips and post-its. I should be the most organized and accomplished person on the east coast. Am I any closer to getting more stuff done?

Planner II




Sticker Stuff

No, I’m not. But I’ve found a way to make keeping track of stuck so much more fun. That’s why I decided to participate in the ListifyLife Challenge. The ListifyLife challenge is the brainchild of Roni Loren. Sierra Godfrey came up with the gorgeous graphics.

Listify Life Spring Challenge - Join up!


If you like to make lists or keep track of stuff come on and join me. The challenge starts next week- March 20th,  so there is plenty of time. I’ve even bought two more notebooks I’m excited about participating with other on keeping track of stuff. Of course you don’t have to spend a cent to get involved. Just follow the link above and get started.  Let me know how you’re making out. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

#listifylife #listifylifechallange



HELLO 2016

I’m one of those people who makes lists, set goals and likes challenges. Of course I make resolutions. For 2016 here they are. Goals for 2016How about you? Do you have any resolutions for 2016?




As we near the holiday the same question always comes up again and again. What can I give my husband for Christmas and what can he give me. After several years of marriage I’ve given this question a lot of thought. I think I can finally answer this question without hesitating. I know what I like and I know what gifts I like to received. I’ve told him he can never go wrong with anything in the following categories.

Lingerie – if he buys me something sexy to wear then we both will be happy. This can include sleep wear, lounge wear or sexy panties. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

Leather. – Almost everyone likes leather. It can be a coat, a wallet, a handbag. Either way I’m sure I’ll have a big grin if he gives me something from this category.

Cologne – I wear lots of different scents depending on the time of year. If he were to choose one from my many bottles on my dresser he can’t go wrong. I told him I like layering my scents, so by including lotion or shower gel he’s got a decent gift.

Gift card – I was born to shop, but I might not want to do it all at once. Gift cards allow me to get the right thing just when I need it. I’ve been known to pull one from my wallet in July. The timing is always right for a gift card.

Cashmere – I don’t think I need to say another thing.

Pampering – I’m always ready for a manicure, pedicure, facial or a massage. An afternoon where I can get one, two or all four treatments is always a welcomed gift.

I’m still at a loss at what to give him, but I hope I’ve made it simpler for him. What are your top six gifts?

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Talk of happiness is everywhere now. Everyone wants it and, yet it’s very elusive. For me the question was why. Happiness is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, it says we all have the right to pursue it, so we do.

I found a way to be happy most of the time. And it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Everyone has an opinion about how find happiness. I’ve found a way that works for me because it was simple, easy and I enjoyed doing it.



One day while having lunch with a very dear friend, she told me every evening she wrote down at least three things that happened to her that she was grateful for. I couldn’t get that idea out of my head. It seemed simple, and a good way to register thanks.

When I settled down for the evening I used to contemplate my day, but I often focused on the negative instead of the positive stuff.

The driver who cut me off in traffic.

The long line at the checkout counter.

The rain that almost ruined my new shoes.

That extra cookie I shouldn’t have eaten and was certain to show up on the scale the next morning.

Everyday something pleasant had happened to me, but I tended to want to focus on the things that were unpleasant. Those events were zapping my joy and my energy.


Have A Great Day

But I flipped it. Now every night before going to bed I jot down those events that I’m grateful for, that happened to me during the day. In the beginning it was difficult coming up with three things, but then I started paying more attention to small gestures that I tended to overlook.

I even began to smile as I registered them, thinking to myself that’s something I can write about.

Like the dog sleeping an extra hour in the morning instead of waking me up at the crack of dawn.

Or walking during my lunch hour.

Talking to my mother who lives in another state.

All these things brought me joy and if any one of them happened to me in the course of the day I had a better outlook. But, until I started writing them down I tended to ignore these simple joys.


happy box

Some people will think this is too insignificant to be of any value. But I had to stop looking for happiness in big demonstrative ways. Even on my worse days, when I wanted to hit the wall, there was something leading me in the opposite direction. Something that I can say I’m grateful for. It could be a call from a friend, seeing a hummingbird at the feeder, or getting in bed early enough to read a few chapters of a good book.

You see, for me it’s all about perspective and I’ve decided to look at my life through a much simpler pair of glasses.

How do you view your life? Could you use a new way of evaluating happiness?



When I was young my sisters and I spent summers with my grandmother in Virginia. Whenever there was a thunderstorm she would make us sit quietly. It felt like torture to be still, without the sound of television filling the room or running around in the constant motion, which was our norm. I can remember her humming softly while rain pelted the road and lighting lit the sky.


I didn’t know it then, but she was teaching me an important lesson. Not about thunderstorms-though she was probably right about that, too. But she taught me that sometimes you have to sit in silence to hear what’s right for you, to listen to God whispering in your ear.


In my adult life I seldom sit still and allow my mind to soar. There is always something to do, something to that can’t wait, something needling me for attention.



I’d love to have more quiet time like that again. So no matter how loud the outside world becomes I can find my quiet space. If I just wait for those quiet moments to appear, for the pressures of the world fall away and give me what I want, it will never happen. Just like I make time to exercise. Just like I make time to cook. Just like I find time to write. I need to make way for quiet time, to listen, to find my inner peace.


Have you sat long enough to hear the whisper to hear your soul?



hELLO 2015

I’m posting my last blog of the year without the fanfare fancy pictures. As 2014 draws to an end I am humbled. I can’t stop time and no matter how hard I try I don’t seem to have enough of it. But I’m not complaining. I’ll play the hand I’m dealt. This year was full of unexpected surprises. Some of them were good, others I’ll understand, by and by.

One of the hardest things for me to do is to exercise patience. In 2015 I’ll try harder to wait longer, listen with earnest and be still long enough to hear the spirit whisper in my ear, to provide the understand and guidance I need to live a more fulfilling life. I need to learn and truly understand that what God has for me is for me. Time can’t take it away. No person can take it away. Nothing can take it away. Just knowing that  is enough for me.

How about you, what will you do different?


What’s important in life? Getting to work on time? Watching the big game? That new pair of shoes? Lots of money in the bank? Rushing to complete the ‘to-do’ list?

I spend so much of my day focused on some of these activities, at the end of the day, I flop into the nearest chair, exhausted from the exertion. As beautiful summer days fade into the sunset, cold winter months fade into memories and glorious joyous moments slip through my fingers, I wonder if my attention is on the right thing. If where I spend so much time will bring more joy than my heart can hold.

do what you love in wood type

Sometimes I seem so obsessed with getting stuff done, I forget the reason behind it all. My dogged determination to walk 10,000 steps per day is supposed to ensure I live a long and happy life. But if I don’t enjoy all the beautiful things I see while taking these steps then I’ve wasted a moment. My drive to save money for the future is to ensure I have enough to enjoy that long and happy life I hope to have. Completing the long list of ‘to-do’s’ is meant to allow me time to enjoy that long and happy life. But if I spend all my available time in the doing, I’ve wasted the opportunity to enjoy the moment. The journey. The now.

Now Red Word And Clock

Today as I hurried into the office building, I wondered if I had my priorities in order. Am I existing or living? There is a difference. For certain, between all the coming and going, ups and downs, ins and outs, I better know the reason for the activity and treasure, cherish, enjoy, love  and nurture every single moment. Because this is my life.



People often talk about courage as if it were something that everyone has and can draw on when needed. As if the courage used in one situation can be transferred to another situation with equal success.

Courage Fear Buttons Shows Bravery Or Scared

When I decided to pursue my writing, I’ll admit I had some doubts. What if I’m not good?  What if nobody offers me a contract? What if nobody buys the books? Even though I was covered in skepticism, I decided to stare down the uncertainty and give it a try.

I realize doubt does not mean fear. Sometimes it only means there are more unanswered questions or unresolved issues to sort out.

Currently I have published seven books and my stomach still churns with apprehension. As I examine the next step in my long-term plan the questions that swarm in my head make my path a little less certain. I wish I could summon the same strength I’ve used before to embark on major tasks, but it’s not working as well as I’d like.


Now Red Word And Clock

Who knew courage came in so many shapes, sizes and forms? Now that I know this, I’ll sort through the questions and push forward until I feel comfortable. But more than anything, I’ll stop being upset with myself for being indecisive. It doesn’t mean I’m not brave, it only means I haven’t addressed all of my questions yet.


How about you? Are you courageous enough to take the first step?