As summer draws to a close it makes me think about how much I cherished my summer vacations with my sisters.  When we were young, every summer we packed our shorts, tennis shoes and bathing suits and headed to Virginia.  Compared to growing up in the city it felt like a whole new world.  We tried to cram a lifetime into those two months.  And every year when September rolled around we headed home with lots of new adventures and experiences to hold us over until the next summer.

A few years ago I penned the followed ode, to help me remember the highlights that I hold so dear.


I remember lazy, lazy summer days when we crawled out of bed; ate breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast smeared with sweet butter and grape jelly.  While our stomachs were still full we ran to the garden, snatched ripe tomatoes off the vine and sprinkled them with the salt stolen from the kitchen table.

I remember lazy, lazy summer days that seemed to go on forever; sitting on the front porch, laughing while we planned our futures.  Believing whatever we said would come true simply because we had the courage to voice it.

I remember lazy, lazy summer days waiting for rain showers to end so we could splash our bare feet in the rain water as it ran down the city drain.  Then we slid across the wet grass to play on the swings and soar to the sky.

I remember lazy, lazy summer days sandwiched between the school years when everything was funny and sweet and pure and simple.  We chased butterflies and lightning bugs, placed them in glass jars and fed them blades of grass.

I remember lazy, lazy summer days jumping rope, playing tag and red light, green light.  The only thing that ended our joyful frolic was pure exhaustion.  Then we crammed into the full size bed, told stories while we waited for the heat to dissipate so we could fall asleep.

I loved and miss those lazy summer days.     THE END


Share something that made your summer special.



  1. This year, my lazy summer days were spent taking long walks, playing tennis, and learning how to look up at my children now that they are taller than I am! I love your website!

  2. This was a great summer! I survived two tornadoes, an earthquake and a hurricane! The best I finally bought a new car!

  3. What is it about a brand new baby that makes people feel so good? I spent lots of weekends with my grandson this summer and the feeling is indescribable! Also, @ 52 years old, I went toe to toe with a 7 year old for about 20 minutes during a family reunion hula hoop contest…lost the contest, but sho nuff felt fantastic!

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