This weekend I went to a family gathering; a birthday party for one of my sisters. In the tastefully decorated dining hall, we gathered to tell my sister how special she was and to wish her well.  As the guest moved around and caught up with each other on all the activities we’ve missed since we last got together, I found out that several of us were on the writing path.

I’ve heard it said that everyone has at least one magnificent novel in them.  It was surprising to hear how many of us were on the hot pursuit of a story, from memories, autobiographies, fiction and poetry. It didn’t take long before we start sharing our journey.  For sure, we all struggle with finding the time to sit our butts in the chair and get the ideas out of our head and on to paper. Our reasons for dragging out the process were all varied and all the same. Talking about the things that motivate us and the things that keep us mired in place was enlightening.  For reasons that are beyond me, it always helps to know that others struggle with the same challenges that I do.

To hear us talk about our craft made me realize we are no different from golfers bragging about their putts and drives, or accountants discussing their debits and credits or doctors talking about the newest discovery in medicine.

I came away from the evening with a bounce in my step.  Being in the company of other writers is always fun for me. This journey towards publishing is tough and exhilarating all at the same time.  However, one thing’s for sure, I’m always thrilled to help others on this journey and I’m amazed at how many people are willing to help me.  Tell me who do you like to keep company with?



  1. Most definitely, I love to be in the company of my writer buddies. I always learn from their experiences. May all of us writers become published!

  2. I feel blessed to have famous friends who are writers and because I love to read…I read everything they put to print…Love you both…Jackie and Renee.

  3. I love being in the company of writers. It helps me to know there are people just like me…creative, strange but oh so wonderful!

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