When I think of courage often what comes to mind are super heroes, those individuals that fight the bad guys whether on the silver screen or in real life.  I think of men and women that risk their lives so that the rest of us can live safe, happy, productive lives.


But lately I’ve come to know that courage includes a lot more. In our day-to-day lives everyone musters the strength, determination and fortitude to do something. It takes courage for a baby to take their first step. Balancing on wobbly legs and placing one foot in front of the other is just as scary for a toddler as it is for a writer to show their work for the first time.  Now I understand that courage comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. Sometimes to do the smallest thing takes extraordinary amounts of courage. We summons up the power from within without ever knowing we’ve called on it. When I made the decision to eat healthy and exercise every day I took a courageous step. I believed I could make a change in my life and I set out to make that change a reality.




The same is true with my writing. Deciding to write and pursue this path with gusto has been wrought with challenges. But instead of retreating to my familiar, I stand my ground and continue to pursue this dream. Like that toddler that is driven to walk, I am determined to following this passion.



In all stages of my life to continue to grow and change and improve it takes more grit and heroism than I every imagined. Change is constant and as I continue to morph into the wonderful person I that I am, I now consider myself a super hero. Some mornings just getting out of bed is pretty daunting, but I do. And every day when something new comes hurling my way, I bob and weave like a champ.


What courageous thing have you done lately?

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