The New Year is right around the corner and I’m not finished with this one yet. Between now and December 31st I can think of about one thousand things I’d like to do. Of course that’s impossible since I’m on a deadline to finish my next manuscript by the end of this month. The only thing I have time to do now is write.

But since today is 12-12-12, and it’s supposed to be both magical and mystical, I decided to give a little thought to the rest of this year and the future. It can’t hurt.  I hope my creative juices continue to grow stronger, my characters continue to trust me to tell their stories, some editors love every word and readers can’t get enough of my inventions.

Oh yeah, and I’m not totally selfish.  I pray joy, happiness and peace to anyone seeking it. What are you wishing for?


  1. I’m not going to make any resolutions in 2013. As I get older, I look at life differently and try to enjoy each day that God has given me. I do purpose in my heart each day to be happy, content with the small things and enjoy the big things that happen to come my way..

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