28 slices of cheesecake

25 peach cobblers

8 vanilla bean crème brulees

50 scoops of ice creams

100 pieces of chocolate – hopefully with nuts

15 slices of cakes with delicious icing


This highlights a small portion of the wonderful desserts I’ve shared in the last few years while dining with family and friends.  We try not to eat sweets at breakfast.  It’s amazing how troubles and worries melt away while talking about them over while shoving something sinfully sweet into your mouth.

A few years back my family and I moved to Houston, Texas.  During our first few months there we unpacked boxes, navigated our way to the school and to work without getting lost and found our way to the fabulous mall, the Galleria.  We located all the good restaurants and checked out every Bar-be-que joint within a 20 mile radius. When we finally settled down and began to call the Lone Star state home, one thing was missing; my extended family and friends.

Sure we talked on the phone, we even sent a few e-mails but not being able to see them and share in their daily lives wasn’t easy.  One of my nicest surprises has been opening the door one warm evening and finding three of my dearest friends stand there.  They flew to Texas to celebrate my birthday.  I have never forgotten how they put their busy schedules on hold for me.  And thinking about it now still warms my heart and makes me smile.

Now we’re back on the east coast.  Back to where our roots grow strong and deep.

What I’ve learned is relationships require touch-points.  They require picking up the phone and making that call; driving those few extra miles to check in or making the time on your calendar. Family and good friends are precious gifts.

How do you stay connected with the people that are special to you?



  1. I wish I was better at maintaining those touch points. Things are so crazy busy, sometimes all I can manage is an email, but that’s not nearly good enough. 🙂

  2. That too was one of the best days for me when we as friends shared what we always have. Life sometimes get in the way but know that friends 4 are friends forever. Love you all. “J”

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