Summer is exactly 93 days long. That should be enough time for me to accomplish everything on my summer ‘to do’ list.

There are books I have to read. Like ‘Spring Fever’ by Mary Kay Andrews, and ‘The Next Best Thing’ by Jennifer Weiner, and ‘Time Off For Good Behavior’ by Lani Diane Rich and anything by Linwood Barclay.  These books are on my immediate list.  There are even more books waiting in the queue.

I have places that are calling my name, cool, blue waters, sandy beaches, lush national parks with giant trees and of course my easy chair is waiting on me to snuggle up and take a nap.




Summer is not complete until I’ve had some tasty food, like brownies from the Fat Witch, a good platter of Nachos and some delectable seafood. Oh let’s throw in some funnel cake for good measure. Yum!


I plan to laugh with friends, reminisce with family and enjoy every warm, sunny, humid day of summer, because before I know it, the leaves will wither and fall from the trees. Snow will pile up at my door and I’ll have to go find my mittens.


Summer is here, what do you have planned?


  1. It’s so much I want to do but time is getting away from me. I want to write more and relax. With today’s stress of job, family and trying to keep ahead, it’s important to take some down time. I would love to spend more time shopping with my friends and enjoying the breeze off the ocean. I’m going to try and sit in my backyard and enjoy the scenery. I haven’t done that in a very long time.

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