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He had it all…






Good looks. Thriving business. Beautiful fiancée. Life for casino owner David Carrone and his sweetheart Athena Lewis is at its peak—until a scandal of lies, a secret from his past, and an unspeakable tragedy tears a wide rift between them.


He lost it all…

With his reputation in question, his business in ruins, and his world crumbling around him, David struggles to protect all he holds dear. But when the most important person in his life is met with danger, he can no longer play by the rules.


He risked it all…

Desperate to get back the woman he loves, David recruits the help of some unlikely allies—and become the monster many believe him to be. Because when risking it all for the one you love, sometimes you have to face the devil with a demon

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Television and movie moguls have known for some time the value of familiar characters and story lines. From year to year the entertainment industry satisfies the mouth-watering palates of millions by giving them something familiar. The idea of sequels and series is so popular there have been more than twenty James Bond movies and thirteen Star Trek films, just to name a few. Even though I wasn’t crazy about the second Sex in the City movie, I would love to see a third one made.




Right now I am in the midst of writing two romantic series. The first one – The Sweet Road series – contains three full length novels. Two books are available for sale now,  the third one will be available early in 2014. The second series – Dating Just Got Serious – will contain at least five novellas, two of which have already been released the third novella will be available in January 2014. 



When I began the romantic series ‘Dating Just Got Serious’ I only envisioned one maybe two stories about the single lives of twenty-something individuals, and the obstacles they navigate to find happiness. But, the more I write, the more I like, and identify with these characters. Each story grows richer and more dimensional, just like the casts in my favorite movies, and television shows.



The first year of a television program or the first movie sequel takes a little time to resonate and garner an audience. As I’ve eased into the second and third books I’ve begun to think like the individual on my pages. Responses I receive from readers validate my beliefs. I’ve gotten e-mails from readers asking when the next book in the series is going to available.  Or they’ve asked what happened to a certain character after the story ended. This tells me how much they enjoy the long-term relationship they’re developing with my books.

 How about you, do you have favorite series or characters?