This year I made some promises to myself that I kept and some that I did not. I wish I could say that those that I didn’t keep weren’t all that important, but it wouldn’t be true. I won’t spend time trying to figure out why some commitments rose to the top and others did not. I already know the answers to that question.

While I won’t list those promises I didn’t keep to myself, I do know my lack of focus and determination to those goals doomed them for failure, nothing more. In the course of a day, month, or year there are only so many activities my mind can focus on. When the chatter gets too loud something gets pushed aside. It’s called survival.

So in 2013, I’ll draw up another list of opportunities to make me a better and happier person. But it will be smaller. I’ll spend more time defining and refining the things that are truly important me, accomplishments that I feel most passionate about. I’ll choose goals that I can envision in extraordinary details. Because when I can get down to that level of focus, then I’m much more successful. No pie-in-the-sky stuff like write more. What would that even mean? Does the grocery list count?

I won’t muddle the view with a lot of objectives where I’m not really invested in their outcome.  For 2013 my goal is to stay focused, be driven and get more stuff done. Oh yeah, and to enjoy every minute of the doing.

What’s your goal for 2013?