Renee Wynn published her first novel in 2011, The Heart Knows. Her latest book, Seasoned Just Right was released in July 2012.   Her heroes are the quintessential alpha male.   I sat down to talk with Renee recently because as a newbie in the publishing field I wanted some sage advice from someone that’s on this path.


1.  Why do you write?

This question has so many depths I don’t know where to begin.  Writing for me is therapeutic.  It allows my daydreaming and dreams to come to life. Just for a little while I can pretend the characters on paper are what I want them to be.  The thrill of creating, then sitting back and watching it unfold is exciting and fulfilling. It amazes me what I can do and I never get tired of it. 


2.  What is your favorite genre to read and why?

I love writing and reading romance but I love to read murder mysteries with or without  romantic elements. I love the excitement of trying to decipher who the killer is and what makes him or her tick.  I love action-packed and spy movies, so these types of books are right up my alley.


3.  Can you describe your creative writing process for us?

I’m a dreamer so I’m always creating.  I mostly plot and create my characters in my head. After that I immediately give my characters their names. The names of the characters help me to create the look and build their personalities. I love strong and brooding heroes.  For instance my hero in my latest release, Seasoned Just Right, which came out July, 2012, is Mason Spaulding. His name alone shouts alpha male who’s extremely rich, arrogant and used to getting what he wants.  Sometimes I’ll dream a scene and when I awake, I feverishly write it down on paper so I won’t lose it.


4.  What is your number one recommendation for aspiring writers?

In this business, you’ll receive rejections. It’s just part of the process. Dream big and don’t let anyone take away your stories.


5.  Who is your favorite author?

Wow.  That’s a hard question.  I love to read so choosing one is difficult.  I  have a favorite in every genre that I read.  But my all-time favorites are John Grisham, Robin Cook and Tom Clancy.  These guys are masters at holding a reader riveted and spellbound.  In romance, it’s hands down, Judith McNaught and the late Kathleen Woodiwiss.   Whitney, My Love and The Flame and the Flower will be classics until the end of time.