Three sisters, Three love stories. All different.

Who said relationships were easy?


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As I work on the story of the last Conroy sister I realize how much I’ve enjoyed their lives. With each story I’ve gotten to know them better. I know their secrets and what drives them. I could be the fourth sister. It’s taken three stories to really understand how they make their decisions and why. Many of the decisions formed by Asa, Dakota and Melissa are based on bits of wisdom passed on to them from their parents and grandparents who are now deceased.  In that respect they are very much like the rest of us.


It’s amazing how each sister has made different choices even though they shared the same childhood. The closeness between these sisters tugs at my heart. They are open and honest with each other speak what’s on their minds but they still manage to come back together with love and caring for each other.


At some point in time I’m going to have to bring this series to an end, but the Conroy sisters will always have a corner of my heart. After Melissa’s story I might have one more story line for this series, but at some time I’m going to have to tuck them away. These ladies have occupied my head for so much time (years) I know I’m going to miss them.



I’ve only noticed it over the last few days, it was probably always there, but I was too busy doing other stuff to play much attention. I spend a great deal of my day eating, planning what to eat or thinking about what I want to eat next. It’s no wonder that every New Year I have a resolution that includes eating healthy or exercising, most of the time both.



In the morning as soon as my feet hit the floor I’m contemplating what is the best thing to have for breakfast. (I cannot tell a lie, this process starts the night before. But for purposes of this blog I wanted to give a full 24-hour accounting.) Often as soon as I push away from my breakfast meal, I either make lunch or start thinking about the best thing to accompany what I already have in my stomach. Most of my thinking has to do with how many calories I want to consume in one day.  My dear husband is often overwhelmed when as soon as he has taken his last bit of breakfast or lunch I ask him about dinner.




I’d like to think that I’m proactive. Always analyzing the future and preparing. But in my heart I know I’m just a foodie. I have snacks and treats squirreled away in every imaginable place. I’ll never get caught off guard. I have something to eat in my purse, in my desk and in the kitchen I have a drawer dedicated to snacks. At any given time I have at least two candy jars on the first floor that stay packed with delicious surprises.  My cravings for sweet runs like the seasons, I move from conversation hearts, to jelly beans to candy corn to truffles in a seamless transition. I’m probably the only person I know who packs food in the suitcase when I’m traveling, even when I’m traveling by plane. I don’t know if I can tell you the last time I was even really hungry.


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With this much attention to food, you’d think I love to cook. Nope. I don’t. Standing over the stove holds no appeal. I just like to eat. Maybe I need to spend a little time figuring out what my relationship with food is all about. Could I have some deep-seeded fear that one day I’m going to starve?  Am I destined to always be in a battle with my weight because I can’t stop thinking about food?


I’m sure this is an issue I’m not going to resolve anytime soon. This didn’t just happen. To get this wrapped up in food has taken me a lot of years. So while I’m giving my relationship with food some thought, I’ll have a snack.


Do you need a friend that’s by your side no matter what?  Rain.  Shine.  Happy.  Sad.  Even if your just sitting in a chair staring at a blank wall?

Do you need a friend that will listen to everything you say, agree with everything you say and never counter your opinion.  A friend that will always take your side, even when you’re dead wrong?


Do you need a friend that doesn’t ask for much, but gives you plenty of room to be yourself?  And even on your worse day will give you the space to frown, without making demands on you.  A friend that’s happy to see you every day, every hour and even every minute.

I found a friend like that.  He’s soft and furry and has four legs.  His name is Coco and he’s my chocolate brown cocker spaniel.  This dog captured my heart the minute I brought him home in my lap.  He never frowns with what I give him for dinner or breakfast.  He never complains about his treats.  In fact he never complains about anything.

Coco doesn’t ask for much.  A walk, some kibble, a pet on the head a few times a day.  What he gives back to me is immeasurable.  It’s wonderful to have a relationship that doesn’t subtract from my soul.  I can look into his big brown undemanding eyes and smile even when I’m having a crappy day.  Why can’t all relationships be this wonderful and simplistic?

What’s your most perfect relationship?

(pictures by FIDO Photography)