This year is more than half over and it’s been a busy one. Now, looking back on it, I should have started at a faster pace because I think I’m going to run out of days before I get everything completed on my list.


In May I was in Milwaukee at the Romance Slam Jam Conference. I met a bunch of romance readers and it’s always fun listening to what the readers like and don’t like. Author, Renee Wynn and I presented a workshop entitled ‘Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover. We wanted to know what makes a reader pick up a book.

In July I traveled to Atlanta for the Romance Writer of America’s National Conference.  I learned so much stuff while I was there my head is still trying to absorb all the information.

Later this year I have two smaller book events on my calendar. The first one is the Baltimore Book Festival in Baltimore, Maryland and the second one is Black Authors & Readers Rock in Bowie, Maryland. I expect they’ll both be very enjoyable.


I’ve been deep in the writing cave, working on some new material. Between now and December I’m planning to reveal some of my hard work. I want to bring you some fun stories. First out of the computer will be a dating series – Blind Date – Revised, A Single Date and Date Me. Girlfriends trying to navigate today’s dating scene and avoid all the hazards. For Phoebe, Yolanda and Cat , dating just got serious. Pretty soon I’ll be doing the book reveal so stay tuned.




As I work on the story of the last Conroy sister I realize how much I’ve enjoyed their lives. With each story I’ve gotten to know them better. I know their secrets and what drives them. I could be the fourth sister. It’s taken three stories to really understand how they make their decisions and why. Many of the decisions formed by Asa, Dakota and Melissa are based on bits of wisdom passed on to them from their parents and grandparents who are now deceased.  In that respect they are very much like the rest of us.


It’s amazing how each sister has made different choices even though they shared the same childhood. The closeness between these sisters tugs at my heart. They are open and honest with each other speak what’s on their minds but they still manage to come back together with love and caring for each other.


At some point in time I’m going to have to bring this series to an end, but the Conroy sisters will always have a corner of my heart. After Melissa’s story I might have one more story line for this series, but at some time I’m going to have to tuck them away. These ladies have occupied my head for so much time (years) I know I’m going to miss them.




The second book in the Sweet Road series entitled The Sweet Road To Love is set to release on Saturday, May 18, 2013.  The story of Dakota and Bishop is one that you’ll remember. He’s a playboy, she’s skeptical, will they be able to overcome their past? If you haven’t caught up on the Conroy sisters, now is the time.  The Sweet Road Home, the first book in the series is available now at all e-book sellers.





Please stay tuned, accompanying the launch of The Sweet Road To Love will be a contest with chances to win some nice prizes and other great giveaways.